Since 2012 ABG Stretch Tape has been the OG in the weightlifting game! Our unique fabric and coating technique is so exclusive that it warrants a US Patent!

White Magic, specifically developed to be the ultimate tape for Olympic Lifting, is perfect for wrapping a thumb to improve the hook grip, wrapping an entire palm to protect a torn callus, or around a shin to prevent barbell cuts.

At first glance, it appears to be medical cohesive tape available everywhere. Cohesive tapes intentionally stick to themselves and do not stick to hair, wounds, or skin– like a pre-wrap.  Cohesive tape is NOT beneficial for weightlifting.  ABG Stretch Tape is an adhesive tape that, by design, will stick to your thumb and not move during training.

We manufacture our ABG Stretch Tape by stitching a unique elastic thread into a very lightweight, 100% cotton fabric, utilizing an unusual weave pattern that ultimately gives the tape the best feel while maintaining strength.  Next, the adhesive is applied in a specific quantity, using a proprietary technique that allows a small portion of the glue to bleed through the fabric.  This feature is both the reason it sticks so well to you, and to itself. The adhesive is on BOTH sides of the tape!

Durable, flexible, water resistant, lightweight, and effortless to hand tear with maximum adhesive and grip make this tape unique in the field.

It will not slide off during heavy lifts, will last entire workouts, and remain on even with tremendous sweating, even getting wet. All this while remaining flexible for a perfect grip. It’s like Magic!!

ABG Stretch Tape is proudly sourced and manufactured in the United States of America.

100% Made in USA!

Each roll is: 2″ x 20′  (5 cm x 609 cm)

Safety Information: Warning: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions. If you have a latex allergy, please consult your healthcare provider before use.

28 reviews for White Magic Stretch Tape

  1. tommy.austvoll (verified owner)

    Best tape there is! Enough glue, so it actually sticks to your thumbs through an entire lifting or crossfit session without falling of.

    Also, the customer service is 5*.

  2. Anthony

    Works great. Holds thru out my training.
    This is my third order of this product!

  3. Carlo Cardilli

    I picked up a roll when I visited Average Broz
    on my last visit to Vegas. Awesome stuff!!

  4. Nikolaj Pedersen

    Do you ship to Denmark ?

    • Admin


  5. Adrian (verified owner)

    You probably get tired of hearing about how good your tape is, but it is just as good as you described it.
    Just changed over to hook grip as alternate wasn’t working
    for me anymore and I’m glad I went searching for the
    “best tape available” for hook grip. Not concerned about
    the postage cost and exchange rates (USD-AUD) happy to pay
    for awesome!!
    Will definitely buy again so I never run out.

    • Admin

      Comments like yours totally make it worth the amount of work we put into getting it back on the market. Happy you like it!

  6. Domenico

    Based on my (short) weightlifting experience, it is the best tape I ever tried. It is soft, elastic and it sticks perfectly to the skin. I had a free sample of it upon an order and it has been the best free sample I ever had 😀

  7. Simon Iversen (verified owner)

    The best tape for hook grip i have ever tried! i think i have bought more than 15 different brands of sports tape and hookgrip tape and none have the same quality as this product. I only got 1 complain and that is that its so good that your friends want to borrow it all the time. I love the fact that its easy to use and it can hold a full competition day with crossfit or long lifting sessions and that i still get full flexibility and it dont feel that it restrict my thumb movement in any way

    • Admin

      I am happy you like it, and we have the same problem here! 😉

  8. Sarah Chambers (verified owner)

    This tape is fantastic. Everyone at the gym always jokes I have very delicate hands, so finding something that would hold up and not completely fall apart was a challenge. I started using it last week and it is unbelievable. Not only am I using less tape, but it doesn’t move around and I don’t have to think about my grip. This is the only tape I will be using for my delicate hands from now on. Lol Thanks Averge Broz 🙂

  9. Collin Vinyard

    This is the best tape i’ve ever used! Compared to regular athletic tape, which slips off when my thumb gets sweaty this tape stays put and really conforms to your thumb. Thankful I got two tubes for Christmas. This will be the only tape I’ll use from now on.

  10. Brendan (verified owner)

    Best tape I’ve ever used, no question. Stays on through the whole workout, doesn’t restrict movement, good protection. All around excellent product.

  11. Andrew (verified owner)

    Great tape! I’ve been looking for something that is not only affordable, but high quality…Average Broz nails it! Love how it really forms to my thumbs for my lifts and stays sticky. Shared with the owner of my gym and he really likes it as well. Thanks again for making a great quality product. Will be ordering a case soon.

  12. Brian Cheng

    So I’ve bought this tape twice, and I finally decided to write a review. The first time, I bought 1 roll just to try it out, and I loved it. Luckily this time around, ABG came up with the 4 pack can! I bought that one, and the shipping from NV to CA was quick (3-4 days).

    Simply put, I love this tape.
    1. It’s very easy to tear.
    2. The stretch ability of the tape allows me to get a tight and secure hookgrip around the bar without restricting blood flow!
    3. The price at ~$4.xx a roll is actually cheaper than some of the crappy blood-restricting athletic tape found at drug stores in CA! Holy crap.
    4. The stickiness of the tape is superb. Sticks to your tube like superglue, but removal after the workout is not complicated and messy.

    Personally, I think this is the best thump tape out there on the market. But buy 1 roll and try it for yourself!

    • Admin

      Happy you like it!

  13. mrangfeldt (verified owner)

    Best tape, ever!

  14. Ryan (verified owner)

    Just loving this tape. I’ve converted a bunch of lifters in my club over to this stuff. It’s the best i’ve ever used.
    once complaint I have is when you get down to the core of the roll, you loose about 4 in or so as it sticks to the cardboard core and then won’t stick to your skin/or stretch very well.
    have you thought about moving to a plastic type roll or something that won’t have the tape stick to it and take the backing off?

    • Admin

      Thanks for the feedback and patience while we continue to make it better. Yes, we have made some minor adjustments to the latest batch and this should eliminate this issue, as well as improved overall stretch and performance.

  15. Admin

    We have addressed this issue. The adhesive is a bit too much which is causing the slipping and residue. The most recent batch has been reduced by ~5% to adjust for this and is much better. We are continually working to make this the best it can be and packaging and colors are also in the pipeline.

    The fraying you’re referring to is the first .5″ of the roll? If so,this was done intentionally to leave a starting point and was compensated for in the overall length of the roll.

  16. Derek

    The. Best. Tape. Ever.

    Visited Average Broz when I was out in Vegas for a weekend. Bought a shirt and some straps and Broz gave me a roll for my gym. Everyone loved it so much I had to purchase a box immediately.

  17. Ryan (verified owner)

    The only reason I didn’t give the tape a 5 star review is because I wish there was more on the roll.
    It would be great to bring back the PINK tape if possible and sell in boxes, or another colour.
    I bought some of the last run before it the issues happened with the supplier and was careful in using it, but now that the tape is back i’m loving using it every lifting session. Sold a couple rolls to other lifters in my gym and they love it (up here in Canada). This stuff stays on and won’t slip. Better then Goat Tape in my opinion. Goat tape has is plus’s but this stuff beats it on all accounts.
    Thanks for bringing it back to the market.

    • Admin

      The tape has the same amount on the roll as the previous version, but the core is 1.5″ vs 1″ so it appears that there is less. The pink is being made now and will be available in 4-pack plastic tubes soon!

  18. Quan Yoon (verified owner)

    When I saw these were released again, I instantly brought 9 rolls. 3 months in and after using about 5 of the rolls, I am very satisfied with the product. I’ve tried regular athletic tape which is too stiff, and I’ve tried the power flex tape which not remain place unless wrapped uncomfortably tightly. None of them comes to Average Broz’s tapes.

    My only critique would be that when ripping off the tape width wise after wrapping it around the thumb, the tape sometimes rips length wise. This was same with the old tapes and fairly understandable due to the tapes’ construction, but the new tapes seem to have an issue where when the tape rips length wise, the adhesive seems to weaken and does not stay in place.

    • Admin

      Thank you for the feedback. To get the product to market we minimized the cure time. If you can, leave the tape out so it can air dry out a bit more. The adhesive is the same however the fabric is still semi-moist and this is why it’s happening. As any tape ages they continue to dry out and eventually not stick. This is on the other end of the spectrum.

  19. Wendy (verified owner)

    This is the perfect thumb tape. Do you have any update on when the next shipment is coming in? Thanks!

    • Admin

      The next shipment will be in next week. Happy you like it!

  20. VCraig

    Is there any way to be notified when this product is back in stock? I have been checking pretty much daily for months and months and it’s kinda frustrating. =(

    • Admin

      We were out of production for nearly a year due to unforeseen circumstances. Our most recent supply was a limited trial run to receive feedback from previous users. A few small changes have been made and now White Magic is in full production. Product should become available before months end and be steady from that point forward.

  21. Rachel (verified owner)

    Love the tape, I’m sure it’s the reason behind all of the recent PRs ;-)….but we’re almost out at our gym. Hope to see more in stock soon!

  22. Jonathan Teague (verified owner)

    I ordered twenty rolls. My team all uses it. We are down to 3 rolls. Came back to order more. Please re-stock again ASAP.

  23. Ken (verified owner)

    The tape is good, but you can’t use the last 5 or 6 inches because the tape is stuck to the cardboard roll in the center. When you try to peel it off, a thin layer of the cardboard sticks to the tape making it unusable. Like I said, the tape is good, but the useable length of the tape roll is more like 19’6″ not 20′

    • Admin

      We changed the cores to a different style for the next batch to address this issue.

  24. Marcus G. (verified owner)

    I was lucky enough to get some of the 2.0 tape when it came out. Love it, best tape I’ve ever used. Just the right amount of sticky without annoying residue after removing. Doesn’t slip, doesn’t budge, and you can still freely move your thumb (or any other finger you decide to wrap the tape around).

  25. Sven (verified owner)

    Please, more! Oslo are screaming for it…

  26. SDean (verified owner)

    Best thumb tape I’ve ever used. It stays put, provides good protection, and you can still freely bend your thumb with it on.

  27. Devin

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put back in stock asap, best tape ever, and I need to buy me a box!

    • Admin

      We will be fully stocked after the New Year. Waiting for feedback from this past run before making a massive qty.

  28. VCraig

    Out of stock….ALREADY?!?? I’m heartbroken…

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