Because we manufacture our own products, occasionaly we have errors.

Our UGLY ROLLS are made with the same materials as our patented ABG Stretch Tape, however, they are NOT PERFECT!

These rolls have a combination of issues to have landed in the UGLY bin:

Smashed Core – Functionally perfect, but doesn’t look good.

Dirty– Some rolls were either dropped or the cut edges got soiled during the cutting process.  Functionaly perfect, but ugly.

Excessive Adhesive – Some of these rolls were wound too tightly, which squeezed the adhesive through the tape more than usual. This makes it difficult to unwrap to the core. At least 2/3 of the roll should be useable, possibly the entire roll, but its not possible to know without unwinding it to find out.

Cut Poorly – When cutting the rolls, sometimes the blade comes into contact in the wrong place, making the roll slightly wider than 2″, and leaving extra material on the roll.

Broken Elastic – If some of the elastic threads break during manufacturing, the material will “pillow out” and appear puffy.  The tape still maintains adhesive, but loses stretch in that area.

Seams – During production it is sometimes necessary to bond the material together into long rolls. When the material is cut down into individual rolls, occasionally the bonding material is stuck in a small portion of a roll. This will appear as a smooth, not sticky section, usually 1-3″ long.

Because these rolls are defective, they do not carry our 100% replacement guarantee like our normal rolls.  The cores will be marked to identify prior to shipping.

All rolls will be shipped in a poly bag regardless of quantity.

The majority of the rolls are White, some Black and a very few Pink rolls in the bin.  We will hand pick out the best rolls as the orders come in. There are NO color preferences.

MINIMUM order is 2 rolls. If you have ANY questions, please email us first.

100% Made in USA!

Each roll is: 2″ x 20′  (5 cm x 609 cm)

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