Now, you can safely benefit from the confidence of using straps!

ABG Straps are specifically made for weightlifting and are identical to the straps professional lifters use. With ABG Straps, you can quickly and easily let go of the bar without fear of it getting snagged or tangled around the barbell, which longer or fatter straps can do.

We manufacture our straps from ballistic nylon-weaved webbing, which is extremely durable and will not rupture, unlike dangerous Cotton straps. It is quite common for cotton straps to break mid-lift, causing excessive force and twisting the lifter to cause injury.

ABG straps will get you through many heavy workouts, typically lasting three or more years! We have had lifters tell us that they finally wore out their straps after seven or more years!

ABG Straps were the FIRST straps on the market designed uniquely for each hand. Bold, color-coded labels simplify the challenging task of figuring out which strap is which and what end is up. Beginners won’t get confused, and the pros will like the quick color recognition. No more fumbling around each time you pick them up between sets.

Because we manufacture them from nylon, they are machine washable in hot water.

ABG straps, designed to fit any hand size, Woman or Man, are a universal size of 11.5″ long x 1″ wide, so sharing them with a lifting partner who forgot theirs is not a problem. The 1″ width is essential as it allows the strap to fit along your wrist and not impede on your hand. This lets you bend your wrist when doing overhead lifts. Fatter straps will bind your wrist, which is not important when doing a pull, but for an overhead lift, it’s crucial.

All our materials, down to the thread, are sourced and manufactured in the United States of America!


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