Description from the manufacturer:

These double layer knit knee sleeves may look similar to our single layer knit sleeves, but they are actually quite different. The single layer sleeve are really meant for one thing — warmth — and they don’t provide much support, on purpose.

However, these double layer sleeves provide a good amount of support while also keeping high levels of mobility, excellent washability and great durability. Not only are they made with two layers for added support, each layer itself is more support than a single layer sleeve, as we changed the formulation of the material a bit to make them slightly tighter. Overall, there are four major changes from the single layer sleeves:


  • Two layers instead of one layer, which is the main method for increasing support
  • Each layer is stiffer and more supportive than a normal single layer sleeve, which is another method for increasing support
  • The sleeves are longer than the single layer sleeves, which is the final way in which support levels are increased
  • Sizes like XS and S are combined into a single size, labeled XS/S. Rather than five sizes like in the single layers, we are doing three sizes for the double layer.


In our opinion, there’s not much functional difference between several sizes, like S to M, M to L, etc. as the sleeves are stretchy. Therefore, we’ve decided to just start out how we should have with the single layer sleeves — with three sizes. They are labeled as XS/S, M/L, XL/2XL. We did this to make it a bit clearer as to where people should start out on the sizing. Most likely, you should pick the size that you used in the single layer sleeves, if you’ve owned them. However, the size chart below may also help you to make a decision.

As usual, we have some overlap in our size ranges, because the taller someone is, the thinner their legs tend to be for their bodyweight. A very tall person (for their bodyweight) should tend towards smaller sizes, and people who are short for their weight should consider using a larger size. If you’re short for your weight, we don’t recommend erring on the size of tight sleeves, as your legs could be too big for the sleeves to be comfortable. For example, a shorter individual with large legs at 70kg would find the XS/S to be quite tight. So, please use the size ranges in combination with your height and body type to make a decision on sizing.

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