The Asics TOW 727 shoe is, in our opinion, the very best weightlifting shoe available on the market today.

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These shoes will be shipped in their original box, IN A POLY BAG with bubble wrap. IF you want them shipped in a box, a separate fee will apply. Please email after your purchase for info.

There will be NO returns or exchanges. All sales final, so PLEASE measure your foot properly using this information as the correct method to attain your actual size. Measure BOTH feet in cm and use the larger foot as your shoe size when making a selection.

Keep in mind that the Asics 727 have a wide toe box, and because they are made from real leather, will eventually stretch. A few people from our gym that wear the Asics, and a handful of others we have spoken to, say that they could have gotten by with 1/2 size smaller because over time they got a bit loose and ended up either buying a second pair, or wearing two pairs of socks.  Adding an insole can also take up some of the extra space if they do become too loose.  Some have intentionally purchased slightly smaller in anticipation of the break-in, and others have used a shoe stretcher to get them to fit perfectly.  Err on the side of slightly smaller if you are in doubt. There is a bit of margin to stretch, but not possible to shrink.  Like the old carpenter adage, “measure twice, cut once. Always go long if you are not sure because a second cut is a lot easier than stretching the wood.” The opposite holds true with the Asics.

Asics Japan does not make a standard size over 28cm.  They do make 29-32 in whole sizes, however it is by custom order only, which is a process ABG does not participate in.



*We are NOT affiliated, nor a registered retail agent, for Asics Weightlifting Shoes. We import them to provide an avenue for people to purchase them, as they are very hard to get. Because we are NOT an Asics distributor, the shoes are sold AS-IS. We offer no warranty.*

Over the years, we have sold hundreds of pairs of Asics 727’s. We inspect every pair when they arrive, and if we noticed anything unusual, we would send them back. However, in the past 10 years this has NEVER happened. Notwithstanding, we have received a handful of complaints. The ones we got were always the same: “The rubber is peeling away from the sole.”  This happens for obvious reasons – the front of the sole protrudes past the toe, which is not typical on lifting shoes. This gives the shoe a larger base and more stability, however some people drag their toe and this causes the separation. In almost every single case we have encountered this happening, it was with the trailing foot in the jerk.  In addition, the rubber eventually will wear out, just as a nice dress shoe would. These can be glued or resoled by a cobbler.

Because these are more expensive than the run-of-the-mill lifters, some assume that they are more durable. That is like comparing boots from Tom Ford to Timberlands. Price = quality, style, function, and comfort. Not necessarily durability.

We recommend putting shoe trees in them after use to absorb moisture and preserve their shape. With proper care, these could be the last pair of lifting shoes you ever buy.

4 reviews for Asics 727 Weightlifting Shoe

  1. Joesph

    Got a new pair of these after wearing a pair for 15 years. They are exactly the same as my originals. Nice to know you can still buy a pair of leather lifters with a wood heel. A++.

  2. Dimple Bangalore

    Love my Red 26cm shoes! Thanks!

  3. Lindsay Hebb

    First, I think they are very nice looking. I enjoy the heel height as it helps me from being super forward in lifts. Believe it or not I used to be much more forward. They aren’t as stiff as my old adidas. I have a narrow foot so the boxy toe doesn’t necessarily benefit, nor hinder me, but people with a wide foot would prob enjoy this.

  4. Josh Gilbert

    They are so sexy that I had to get BOTH colors! GOAT!!

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