Blue Asics 727 Weightlifting Shoe

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** Out of stock sizes will be available NOV 2019**

Made in Japan



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The Asics TOW 727 shoe is, in our opinion the very best weightlifting shoe available on the market today.

For a full review:

These shoes will be shipped in their original box.  Sent via priority insured for domestic and insured First Class International.

There will be NO returns or exchanges. All sales final, so PLEASE measure your foot properly using this article as the correct method to attain your actual size. Measure BOTH feet and use the larger one:

The conversion charts below are a reference.

This chart is for wide feet:






Amazon chart is a reference for normal with feet:

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 10.39.50 AM








Asics Japan does not make a standard size over size 28.  They do make 29-32 in whole sizes only however it is by custom order only which is a process ABG does not participate in. The cost in excess of $600 USD.

3 reviews for Blue Asics 727 Weightlifting Shoe

  1. H (verified owner)

    Feels amazing. Nothing else to say really. You can’t go wrong with these. Just buy your normal shoe size.

  2. Sean Porter (verified owner)

    Love the fit and finish of these. The wood heel feels amazing. The fit was perfect. I love the light weight of them. You don’t need heavy lifters to feel stable and supported under weight.

    The only thing I would be careful of is the nail heads underneath the heel. I threw my shoes on in a fit of excitement, and ran out to my newly lacquered platform. The nail heads destroyed it! LOL!! No biggie, I just took a nail punch and countersunk the nails a little more. No more issues.

    The above is not a complaint by any means. Just a word or caution. Make sure those nails are countersunk otherwise you might chew up someone else’s platform. They may not be as forgiving as I was. Haha!

    Don’t hesitate to buy them. You will absolutely not regret!

  3. Edward Edmonds (verified owner)

    Broz’s review covers it. I’m happy with these. No straps. A solid block of wood under the heels. Great craftsmanship. Form and function in one. The fit is amazing. I can walk around without feeling like I have clunky plastic boots on. Feel solid under the bar.

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